Just like a shiny penny, or a new car, it’s no surprise that people like new. But is it ALWAYS better? Eh that’s a hot topic that’s always up for debate. Hello my name is Jennifer Lewis and here are 4 things that are important to consider when buying a NEW home. 4 things you need to know BEFORE buying NEW Construction in Buford, GA.

1. Get your own representation– the agent in the office represents the builder(seller), not you(buyer). Just as in a traditional transaction (buyer/seller) you too should have your own party looking out for YOUR interests. Their contract alone is over 30 pages typically and it has been reviewed by THEIR attorneys to protect them, not you!

2. Everything costs money-blinds, knobs, upgraded flooring, garage door opener, you don’t know until you know. And most folks don’t even know to ask. This money is typically non-refundable and in addition to your base price.

3. Not all builders are created equal– there is no clearing house, or check point system, where someone can report bad service. As a matter of fact most contracts indicate you CAN NOT put out ANY information regarding terrible service etc. regarding any builder. It’s in their 30+ page contract that you are forced to sign with no changes.

4. Just because it passed the county code inspections does not mean it was done correctly. New construction needs even more inspections than resale. Often times things are missed or over looked because everyone is so busy and they need to get things done quickly. Don’t let their need for speed create problems in your home, always hire your own inspectors during the construction process.

For more information on how to navigate the new construction process be sure to call Jennifer K Lewis, Exp Realty #404188 (470)326-7077 or check out http://movetogeorgia.org

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