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How’s the Georgia Weather? how do you handle the humidity? Tornadoes? Hurricanes?

The questions people ask most about the weather in Georgia are how do you handle the humidity? Are there tornadoes and hurricanes? While I’m not a meteorologist, I have lived in a few different places and can speak on my actual experiences in living in Georgia and how to handle the weather. 

humidity in georgia?

Georgia weather does experience all 4 seasons, sometimes all in one day. Let’s talk about everyone’s biggest concern, the humidity. I’ll tell you it’s not as bad as the Las Vegas frying pan heat for 100 days over 100 degrees. So how do we handle it? Same as anywhere else. Use your air conditioner. In your car, in your house, use your air conditioning. There have been 2 times most recently that I’ve experienced that “awful humidity” so many fear. It was during the month of August and it was only twice. On the other side of things the moisture in the air creates some amazing flowers etc. 

georgia rain

It’s very important to recognize, in Georgia, we get more rain in July than we do the rest of the year. So if you associate rain boots and rain jackets with the rain, you may want to rethink that. Typically what happens is around 3-4pm the sky opens up and it just dumps rain for about 5-7 minutes. After it rains the clouds separate and the bright blue skies open back up and you have a gorgeous day to enjoy. It reminds me of a tropical vacation and it’s amazing for my skin. We have amazing summer storms with thunder and lightning. It’s one of my favorite things about being here.

georgia weather cliche:

If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

what about hurricanes and tornadoes?

The second question I get is do we get tornadoes and hurricanes? Well the answer is yes and no. The coastal Georgia areas can get hit with hurricanes, like Savannah and the Orange Coast. Most recently with hurricane Ian we were supposed to get hit pretty good with the fingers spinning off of the main weather event. However by the time it reached landfall, here is Buford, Ga we barely had any wind or even side effects of the hurricane. 

When we first moved here there was a tornado that actually went through Southern Nashville, TN which affected Northern Georgia, but overall it wasn’t severe. Our biggest issue here is water, and we get a lot of it! Most communities are master planned with retention ponds etc. to funnel the water to those areas. Watch my previous videos about 10 things you MUST know about buying a home in Georgia.

water? flooding?

Recently North Georgia experienced some severe flooding and was left under water for a bit. Around the time Fort Myers, Fl was devastated from Ian. 

We do get snow also in Georgia, but not enough to worry about. This past year we had enough snow to make snowmen and angels but not enough to sled. It snowed off and on for about 3 days and then it was done.

Most recent significant snow event happened in 2014, affectionately coined Snowmageddon. Cars were trapped on the freeway and abandoned. Primarily because folks are not equipped or familiar with weather like this. One big side affect that is often considered is black ice and frozen roads.

Georgia snow
yellow season?

One season you will not hear much about until you move to Georgia is “Yellow Season.” About 3 weeks in Spring everything is covered in pollen. It’s all over your cars, your patio furniture, your house. So around that time if allergies are a problem, you should take your allergy meds early! 

historical weather events

Most Recent tornado North Georgia was hit hard by EF3 Tornado. Most memorable tornado hit Atlanta 2008, caused building damage and was a local severe weather event. There was flooding noted from Katrina as well. Luckily here in Buford, GA we are enough inland that we have avoided most direct hits from severe weather events.

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