How to save money on your pesky Gwinnett County property taxes.

Save Money on your Gwinnett County Tax Bill


How to save money on your Gwinnett County property tax bill.

How to save money on your Gwinnett County property tax bill. How to file your Homestead exemption and see if you are eligible for other exemptions.

I’ve helped several people save money on their Gwinnett County tax bills over the years. If you do not live in Gwinnett County that’s ok the process is quite similar in other counties and I will share those links as well. Luckily for us Gwinnett County makes it very simple to file as well.

A Homestead exemption allows a discount on your property taxes if you meet the criteria. However, you must apply after January 1st and before April 1st of the corresponding year to be eligible. You can file on line, but they also have a mail in or walk in process as well.

Exemptions: The Basics

    • You must own and occupy the property as your primary residence as of January 1 of the application year; otherwise, the application, if approved, will be for the following year. 

    • You can have a homestead exemption on only one property.

    • Married couples by law can have only one homestead exemption between them.

    • All vehicles owned by the applicant and spouse must be registered to the Gwinnett County address before the April 1 deadline. Your driver’s license must also reflect the correct address.

    • Once approved, the exemption automatically renews unless circumstances change and you become ineligible. Only apply again if there is a change in ownership, name, deed, or to qualify for a different exemption. Refinancing does not affect your exemption. 

BEFORE you register you car in Gwinnett County watch this video

You will need some information in order to file. Often times you can use your closing statement, if you have recently purchased your home it should be easy to get. If you do not have it you can ask your closing agent, or closing attorney. You will need it to file your income taxes anyway.

What’s the Process?

The process to file your homestead is relatively simple. Click here for the link; Homestead Exemption Application https://gwinnetttaxcommissioner.publicaccessnow.com/HomesteadExemptionApplication.aspx

You will need one of 4 things in order to start the application on line: Owner name, situs name, parcel number, or mailing address. Once you’ve located that this box will appear with your parcel #.

Click on the blue button, it’s going to ask you if you own and occupy the property and to click “here.” Then it will ask you a bunch of questions about your purchase date, spouse info etc. At the bottom it will as you these questions, so be prepared.

Extra questions on Homestead Application which may get you more exemptions.

At the bottom it will as for your digital signature and affidavit.

For supporting documentation you can upload your closing statement or any other materials you deem necessary.

You can check the status of your homestead application right on the website.

When you get your property tax bill it’s important to verify that your Homestead exemption does apply. Here’s what it will look like

S1R – Regular Homestead Exemption

  • No age or income limit.
  • For all property owners who occupy the property as of January 1 of the application year.
  • Includes $10,000 off the assessed value on County, $4,000 off school, and $7,000 off recreation.

Congratulations, now sit and enjoy the tax benefits of homeownership! So, if you find that your tax bill increases give me a call, I can help you fight your assessed value and have a lot of success doing so. (470)326-7077.

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If you know of anyone buying or selling a home or land please have them contact Jennifer K. Lewis.

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