Is it better to live in Buford Or Peachtree City?

Peachtree City vs Buford Area

Do you wonder what it’s like to live in Peachtree City? Compared to living in Buford, GA? Jennifer K. Lewis, Exp Realtor hosts Kim Ross of Degolian Real estate asking tough questions about Fayette County, Peachtree City and the surrounding areas.

Where is peachtree city

Peachtree City is south east of Atlanta. It’s about 25 minutes from the airport. It’s 16,000 acres planned community with 5 villages

Buford vs Peachtree City
Buford vs Peachtree City
what’s it known for?

There are 100 miles of golf cart paths.

Who lives in peachtree city?

A large portion of who lives in Peachtree City are Delta families, retirees, Panasonic employees.

What do you do for fun?

There is an amphitheater in Fayetville and in Peachtree City. There are new breweries like Awkward Brewing. A lot of people golf.

Main demographic of people that live there:

Delta employees, Trilith (movie industry employees), healthcare, Panasonic

How are the schools?

Ranked #4 by niche. Smaller scale but still very good.

Georgia Homeschooling

The best place to get info on homeschooling is Facebook groups, each county typically has a homeschooling group. There are several privates schools and charter schools, plenty of options

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