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VLOG by Jennifer K. Lewis, your Buford Realtor (470)326-7077: One hidden treasure in Buford that we found when we moved here is Pallet Stores. There are actually several around and I will link the rest in my blog but this one is conveniently located off Satellite Blvd in Buford in Georgia.

What’s there?

This place has so much it can be a little overwhelming. It has faucets, vanities, ice makers, refrigerators, bikes, microwaves, play sets, water softeners, weed whackers, lawn mowers, patio furniture, office furniture, glasses, plates, Tupperware, you name it and it’s probably here. The hard part sometimes is finding it amid the sea of boxes. SO, these folks have created an Ebay page for easy and quick searches wgwgwgg is the seller name. https://www.ebay.com/usr/wgwgwgg?_trksid=p2047675.l2559.

Where do they get all the stuff?

They buy 53ft trailers of returns from Amazon, Home Depot and Costco. Each pallet is then broken down and sold. Some of the items may be missing pieces or broken, BUT most are just unused and returned in the boxes.

Where can I find them?

Georgia Closeout Deals also has a Facebook page where they sometimes post items for sale. Their address is 2400 Satellite Blvd Ste D Buford, GA 30518. Either way you are able to find things at a huge discount! When you are buying or selling a home in the Buford area this place is a must see. You will find many hidden treasures! For more information around the Buford area please follow my blog at http://movetogeorgia.org/why-move-to-georgia-blog/ or just give me a call JenniferInGeorgia (470)326-7077.

Are there other pallet stores in the area?

YES! and some have different specialties. For example, @PalletLiquidationsFloweryBranch they offer more power tools and appliances, bigger home good items. @PrimefindsLiquidation they have Walmart returns. Lastly @Northeast Ga wholesale has tons of outdoor patio furniture and outdoor items. Turns out there are several of these stores riddled throughout Georgia and Atlanta metro. If you find a new one please share the info

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