home inspection pass or fail?

How does a home pass or fail?

How did that home pass inspection?

That’s the question I sometimes get and I thought it was time to set the record straight. There is no pass or fail in a traditional home inspection. It is up to the buyer if they would like to proceed with the transaction if the sellers don’t agree to repair the items. Most home inspections are 65 pages-ish. They cover everything from where the main water shut off is, to electrical panels, and roof condition etc. Usually the first 3-5 pages are actionable items in red that may need attention. If the buyer asks the seller to fix them and the seller doesn’t agree, then it’s up to the buyer to decide if he’d like to move forward or not. But there is not Pass or Fail.

Occasionally, an FHA or VA appraiser will call some items to be repaired before closing. They too are action items or requirements of the loan. Often times those items are health and safety items like broken windows, no carpet in areas, smoke detectors, occasionally an aged roof, or even dry rot. These health and safety items are only concerns with FHA or VA which is sometimes why sellers choose conventional offers instead. So unless it’s a “code” inspection with the county there is no pass or fail. Ultimately it’s up to the buyers discretion to decide if he is comfortable moving forward with the house in this condition. For more helpful information please contact Jennifer K. Lewis (470)326-7077

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