Does it cost more to live in California or Georgia?

People often wonder how much actual difference is the cost of living in Georgia. I put together a side by side comparison, in hopes to help you understand, utility costs. If you are moving from California it can help you understand where the true savings is. Of course there are more variables, but this is a good start. If you have specific questions you can always reach out directly (470)326-7077 or MovetoGeorgia.org.

Roseville, CA utility costs are more affordable then most homes cost in California because they have City of Roseville utilities. If you live in an area with PG&E more than likely your bills are double if not more. PG&E is for gas in Roseville, CA. City of Roseville is water, sewage, garbage and power.

One of the biggest benefits of living in Georgia is utility choices. In most places you do not just have one choice. In Buford, the primary utility provider is City of Buford for gas and garbage. We use Georgia Power for electricity, and Gwinnett County is the water provider. One huge bonus to living in Buford is 2 garbage pick ups. We have a kitchen waste pick up on Monday and on Friday we have a larger trash pick up day. Also, it doesn’t matter how many trash bags you leave out, they take them all.

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