Moving to Buford, Relocation clients share their first hand experience

One of my favorite things to do is share our beautiful Buford community. So showing these folks the ropes was a pleasure and an honor. We went from beginning to end of the process in less than 90 days. They took my suggestions while having their own and they made a smooth and successful transition to a new state! They did have a home to sell and we had to time the closing perfectly. I communicated with the listing agent of their out of state home to ensure they had plenty of time to make the move. Also they needed time to do the floors and paint before they moved into their new home. It was crucial they close and get their proceeds and stay in possession after closing.

During the inspections we found some bigger ticket items that were concerning. Luckily, we were able to get professional estimates and ask the sellers for credits. They were able to obtain the money through closing costs and had the time to do the repairs after closing on their new home. It’s very important to understand if you want the credits or the repairs. Sometimes the repairs work better for people, however, it can be hairy when picking who does the repairs. I often recommend a credit is better. Then the buyer can choose who does the work and monitor how they do the work. It will also include

This family now has a VERY large backyard for their 3 boys and dogs. They are thriving in their new community. Relocating CAN be difficult. Deciding on what area to live in can be tough. Listening to your wants and needs is my specialty. Happy to help, for more information on relocation to Georgia, call Jennifer Lewis (470)326-7077. I’m happy to help!

For more information on moving to Georgia or how to MoveToGeorgia.com watch here or email Jennifer@MovetoGeorgia.org. You can also check out my GOOGLE reviews at https://g.page/r/CQTX6IzcsF1dEB0/review. Don’t forget to also check in our Facebook Group,

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