Georgia Rent to own homes

who can benefit?

Have you recently started a job and need a bit more time before you can buy?

Have you recently moved and just want to move once?

Do you just need a bit more time to save up some money?

how do you qualify?

This may be a solution for you to have a home you won’t have to move from! There are 3 major rent to own programs in Georgia that are pretty well known and well received. They are same as cash offers and they really do help folks get into homes! They are all a little different whether it be credit score requirements, bankruptcies, counties they serve or even price offer maximums. Each one is different and each may serve your needs different. So dig in! ask questions. Figure out which best suits you.


1. Divvy https://www.divvyhomes.com/

2. Home Partners https://www.homepartners.com/

3. Pathway Homes https://www.yourpathway.com/.

What homes qualify for the program?

Each Rent to own program has different criteria for which type of homes qualify. Different criteria are things like yr built, septic, lot size, HOA restricted communities, must have HVAC’s, no foreclosures, no short sales, no bank owned. Some have size restrictions, some allow pools some do not, you must do some research and learn what you qualify for. Not all of the rent to own programs work everywhere in Georgia, get clear on what you can buy.

These programs pay for your inspections and typically do repairs BEFORE You even take possession of the home. For more information you can follow me here or visit my blog at JenniferInGeorgia.com or http://movetogeorgia.org/why-move-to-georgia-blog/ You can also call me (470)326-7077. I’ll my best to help answer any questions you have to find your next Georgia home.

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